MM Kembla Outstanding Copper Plumbing & Gas Project of the Year

This award recognises the most outstanding and/or innovative commercial or industrial project, or design involving copper by a plumbing or gas company.

The below requirements must be met in order to be eligible for this award category:

  • The project must be class 2 – 9 (not a class 1 or 10) building
  • Projects must be under construction or completed between April 2021 – April 2022.
  • All nominations, whether they are completed or still under construction at the time of submission, must have photo and/or video evidence of the exposed work, as site inspections may not be carried out.
  • All work must be performed by a Queensland licensed plumber/drainer/gasfitter.
  • Companies must be QBCC licensed in the relevant field.
  • The project must be based in Queensland, Australia.
  • Projects can be nominated by the company, staff personnel or by someone else.

Judging Criteria
The nominees will be judged on the below criteria for this award category: 

Each category is scored out of 10 with relevant supporting comments:

  • Compliance with Australian Standards
  • Implementation of innovative products or approaches
  • Use of copper fittings and products throughout the project
  • Quality of work/work aesthetics
  • Effectiveness of work
  • Use of new products

Conditions of Entry
The following conditions apply for this award category:

  • A detailed description must be supplied about the project upon submission of the nomination, including details of any new products utilised and innovative techniques.
  • A minimum of ten high resolution photos of the work on the project must be submitted for judging. Click here for photo requirements.
  • Failure to submit any conditions of entry by the stated deadlines may result in the withdrawal of the nomination.

If you are a winner of this award category, you will receive a trophy, certificate and a prize. You will be publicly recognised at the Awards Presentation Dinner in October 2022 and then featured as an award-winner in the Summer 2022 edition of the Master Plumber Magazine.

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